Agility Classes

 Agility is the ultimate dog sport! It allows you to combine speed and precision, teamwork and independence, dog training skills and well executed handling skills. But most importantly it gives you the chance to have lots of fun with your dog.

As well as the above, agility involves:

* Confidence building

* Cooperation

* Brainwork (dogs and owners!)

* Competitive

* Enrichment

* Physical exercise

* Learning new things

Here at Canine Connection I like to set up dogs and owners for success, so on the foundation course I will teach all basic handling skills and each piece of equipment separately before putting it all together.

New courses starting:

Foundation course - £75 (6 week course)

Saturday 3rd September - 2pm

Intermediate course - £75 (6 week course)

Saturday 3rd September - 10am

Pay as you Go! - £10 per class

Every other Saturday, starting January 9th, 11.30am