Positive reward based dog training and behaviour consultations in Kent.

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Training classes with a difference!

Training is a learning process, not an instant fix. I offer a range of training classes including puppy lifeskills, adult dog lifeskillsworkshops and 1:1 Training

If you choose to come to a Canine Connection class or workshop, you will learn to observe your dog's behaviour, emotional state, reinforce desired behaviours and assess progress. You will also learn to read their body language and level of arousal, meet your dog's needs, see the environment through their eyes and improve connection.

If you have been to training classes before, you are probably used to walking round in circles being shouted at to ask your dog to perform certain behaviours. Although at Canine Connection obedience does play a key role, I am more concerned about teaching you and your dog the appropriate life skills. I will strive to help you create appropriately behaved members of society who experience a good quality of life and fulfilling relationships with those around them.

I always train using positive reward based methods. Teaching through reward, generates a receptive and confident learner. Your dog will be willing to try new things and be keen to find out how to please you. Teaching this way, we create an intense bond with our dogs based on trust and dependability.

I always incorporate play into training wherever possible as this strengthens the bond between dog and owner and is fun for both parties. 

I also train and teach whenever possible using the clicker training method. 

The clicker is a small rectangular shaped box, that when pressed makes a 'click' sound. To your dog this noise is distinctive in their everyday life. The aim of the clicker is to mark the desired behaviour that then earns a reward. The benefits of a clicker compared to using the human voice is it's reliable, unemotional and clear.